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Weight-loss hypnosis may help you shed an extra few pounds when it's part of a weight-loss plan that includes diet, exercise and counseling.  People who feel good and have less tension and stress can be successful at losing weight.  Hypnosis helps someone take control, eat healthier and burn more calories.

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Hypnosis for weight loss is an adjunct rather than alternative.  That is, it should be used in addition to a good weight loss plan, not instead of diet and exercise.  A good weight loss plan includes lifestyle changes, healthy eating and an exercise plan.  An overweight individual does not use hypnosis commands to be skinny and then simply watch the pounds disappear.  

Long lasting weight loss is your goal. Roller coasting with weight is detrimental both physically and psychologically.  Reinforce your weight control after achieving your goal.   Set a goal with a specific number of pounds you want and need to weight.  Set a time frame for the achievement of your goal and set a plan on how you will maintain this goal for the long term.   Remember if you do not achieve the specific pounds in the time set, you have not failed.  You just need to reset the time frame.

Consistency of behavior leads to consistency of weight loss.  Hypnosis can be used as often as desired or necessary.  There are no side effects.

Food is often used as a comfort, as a substitute, as relaxation and as a relief from boredom. This is sometimes called emotional eating.  Eating habits like these must be recognized and then changed. Identify your triggers, become aware of your eating habits, and identify what needs to change. Learn to use other coping skills to relax.  Get involved in positive activities to relieve boredom.  Realize what is lacking or stressful and actively work to change the situation or your attitude toward these challenges.    Take control of your life and you will be better able to change your eating habits.

Tension and frustration often lead to over-eating .  Hypnosis is a very productive tool in aiding the reduction of tension and aiding in the ability to make better choices and feel good about oneself.

The formula for weight loss is easy: Eat less, burn more calories, take control.  The motivation and the action to go along with this is the challenge.  Find the right plan for you.  One that you will be able to follow on a permanent basis and use hypnosis to help you reinforce these lifestyle changes.

Hypnosis allows you to invest in yourself, take a mind over body approach, change your self -image and self- esteem.

Expectation is important.  Expect positive results.  Think positive thoughts.  Visualize and imagine the new you.  Repetition and practice are essential.


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