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To Change the level of self- confidence one must change their self-image, change their self- esteem, change their self-efficacy.  Recognizing that general self-confidence is negatively related to the person’s level of anxiety, Hypnosis can enable an individual to cope with all of these changes in a calm and effective way.  While the individual deals with these changes on a conscious level, these changes can be instilled in the subconscious mind. It lets the subconscious give one the positive, correct information which permits them to do the right things right, at the right time.

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This is accomplished by visualization and suggestions.  Napoleon Hill states: “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

People with high self-confidence can easily impress others, as others perceive them as more knowledgeable and more likely to make correct judgments. People with robust self-confidence are considered mentally tough, able to cope better and remain determined, focused and in control under pressure.  

Words that describe a person with high Self Confidence are: winner, comfortable, capable, strong, knowledgeable, self –assured, reliable, secure, powerful, unique, valuable, commanding.  

Through the suggestions of Hypnosis you can achieve High Self- Confidence and these words will describe you.

Self-Confidence Blog

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