Quiet Time


Quiet time is a session where you can put in your own thoughts, called affirmations.  In your own voice and your own words but they must be positive affirmations.  Use this session as often as you wish, but at least once a day.

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Self -Talk is conversation you have in your head about yourself and the world around you. Positive self- talk uplifts and encourages you. It empowers you.

We talk to ourselves all the time.  Often negative because we may have heard negative words all our lives.  “You can’t do that….” “You are not good enough, smart enough, strong enough. “

Identify external negative influences.  Recognize what they are and either avoid them or change them or at least, know how important they really are.  Turn “I can’t” to” I can.”

Write out several positive affirmations.  Study them.  Make sure they say what you want in a positive way.  Read them frequently.   Listen to the session for the hypnosis induction then during the quiet time, repeat these affirmations in your mind, over and over again.  Our actions are inspired by our thoughts.

An affirmation is a positive thought stated with clarity and conviction to evoke a desired result.  To affirm is to “make firm” what is in your mind as a concept or image.  Affirmations are a tool for changing deeply rooted attitudes and mind sets.

Affirmations are positive statements, short, believable, and focused:

  • Affirm in the present tense
  • Affirm the positive
  • Affirm only for yourself
  • Affirm only what you truly believe is possible
  • Keep your affirmations specific and to the point


  • Positive regard for yourself
  • Awareness of one’s worth
  • Forgiveness of one’s mistakes
  • Validation of one’s success
  • Willingness to grow as a person
  • Acceptance of one’s nature
  • Affirm and anchor yourself in your ethical values

Examples of Positive affirmations:

The me I see is the me I’ll be                                                                     Nothing is impossible

I can if I think I can                                                                                     I forgive myself

I forgive                                                                                                       I like myself

I can and I will accomplish my goals                                                         I am in control

I accept and appreciate myself                                                                 I am responsible for my life

I am good to me                                                                                         I am good to others

My thoughts are positive and motivating                                                I am creative

I can do anything I set my mind to                                                           I am competent and capable

My health is very important                                                                      I respect and take care of my body

I can relax and enjoy life, family, friends, work                                        I love

I make positive choices                                                                              I am grateful

I am organized                                                                                           I get things done

I manage time                                                                                           I manage stress

I am good to myself so I can be good to others                                    I manage

I am successful                                                                                         I am generous

I know my priorities and give priority to important things                    I enjoy life

Each day I get stronger and stronger                                                     Life is good

I learn from the past                                                                                 I am master of myself

I set goals and see their accomplishment in my future                         I am happy   

If my mind can create it I have the ability to accomplish it                  I am a winner

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