Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking


A 2006 comprehensive study found that 75% of people suffer from speech anxiety.  A significant number of these people state that they fear public speaking more than they fear death.

If you are uncomfortable or anxious about speaking in public, I hope you realize that you are no different than a vast number of your fellow human beings.

You have the ability to overcome that fear.  The only way to overcome fear is to take action.  The tool of hypnosis gives you the information, technique, and the ability to overcome this fear and instills in you the confidence to enable you to be comfortable in your platform skills and your ability to impart your ideas through public speaking.



Ever successful public speaker will admit to be a little nervous before a speech however, they will also tell you that the feeling of accomplishment that they get when they finish their presentation knowing that have had an impact on their audience .  “Every successful public speaker will tell you they always have butterflies in their stomach, however, they have the ability to put this butterflies in formation”

How do they get to that point? They all have a regimen that they have developed:

  1. They have developed an expertise in their subject
  2. They continually research and prepare for their presentation
  3. They feel confident in their knowledge of their subject matter
  4. They research their audience
  5. They practice their speech
  6. They project their voice
  7. They make eye contact with their audience
  8. They follow a format: tell them what you are going to tell them; then tell them; then tell them what you told them
  9. They either use visual aids or note cards to keep them on point and they are succinct “short and sweet”
  10. They do not read their presentation, they follow their outline
  11. And…..Beforehand, they use their imagination and visualize their presentation.

This hypnosis program will help you follow these tested strategies, embrace your ability to visualize your presentation and master the techniques to deliver a well thought out presentation and do so in a very confident professional manner.

Listen to this program as often as you wish and look forward to meeting your goal.


Fear of Public Speaking