Improve Your Golf Game


If you have ever watched professional golfers playing in a tournament, you have noticed that every one of them, before they take a shot, stand behind the ball and appear to study the situation.  Actually they are mentally visualizing the shot.  Professional golfers use the tool of visualization in every shot they take from tee to green.

  1. They take  a few breaths and relax their mind and body
  2. In their minds eye they see an easy swing, solid contact, the flight of the ball and where they want it to land.
  3. They then approach the ball in a consistent confident way (set up routines)
  4. They take the shot.


In Golf, very little of the efforts are physical the overwhelming activity is mental. (about 90%).

If you want to improve your golf game you must first improve your mental game.  You can do that by relaxing and reprograming you thoughts and your actions to develop your visualization and set up routine.

Hypnosis is a positive, simple and effective way to accomplish your goal.  It helps you reprogram your mind to be positive, visualize your shot and execute it successfully.

Whether you’re a low handicapper or a duffer, hypnosis can and will help you improve your game.  Give it a shot.

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Dr. Agovino