Hypnosis can help you with stress

Have you ever said to yourself “I have to get rid of the stress in my life?”

Stop saying you can’t get rid of all the stress you face. Some of it is very necessary for your survival. But
what can you do?

The most commonly identified sources for stress for most people are: 1. Job, 2. Family, 3. Money.

Now do you want to get rid of these? Wouldn’t you have more stress if you lost your job?
Would you be happy if you lost your family? Without money you would have a whole lot more stress!

So let’s face this issue of stress a little more practically.

What is stress? The engineering definition of stress may apply to our understanding of stress and how
to manage it. Accordingly, Stress is defined as “Any external force that produces a strain on a structure.
The degree of stress is dependent on the amount of strain and the properties of the structure.”

To paraphrase for our human definition let’s say that stress is any external or internal strain on our
mental and physical structure. Stress can be physical or emotional or psychological, it can be positive
(eustress) or negative (distress). It is all cumulative, not matter where it comes from sometimes there is
too much stress.

The second part of the above definition deals with the properties of the structure. That can be
translated to mean our resilience. Resilience is our ability to withstand and bounce back. How strong
our bodies and our minds are to be able to cope with the stressors.

So, instead of trying to get rid of all the stress we face, let’s learn to manage it. This is where hypnosis
comes in. The first step to management is to identify our stressors. Through Hypnosis we can take the
time out to consciously and subconsciously honestly identify what is causing us the most stress.

Once identified we need to see ourselves as strong enough to deal with the stress instead of letting
stress interfere with our physical, emotional and mental health. Hypnosis allows us to reprogram our
subconscious mind and therefore our conscious mind to recognize our strengths and abilities.

Through hypnosis we can develop healthier eating, sleeping, and exercising physical habits. That will
enable us to have strong physical properties in our “structure”

Enhanced self-confidence, self-esteem, belief in our ability to overcome whatever challenges we face, as
well as taking time to be good to ourselves are the key to being a good stress manage. Hypnosis can
help you with all of these. Visit our website www.hypnosisbyprofessionals.com and find out more.

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