Did You Know That if You Stop Smoking Today……….

Did you know that……….. If  you stop smoking today………….. Your body will change rapidly and for the long range.

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  • In about 20 minutes                  your heart rate and blood pressure decrease
  • In about 12 hours                      the level of carbon monoxide in your blood falls to normal
  • In 2 to 12 weeks                        your circulation and lung function improve
  • In 1-9 months                            your respiratory symptoms of cough, and shortness of breath decrease and lung function improves.  The damaged tissue in your lungs              regenerates.
  • In 1 year                                    your risk of coronary heart disease drops 50% from the risk of smokers
  • In 5-15 years                             your risk of stroke drops to the same as non-smokers
  • In 10 years                                 your risk of lung cancer drops to 50% the rate for those who continue smoking
  • In 15 years                                 your risk of coronary heart disease drops to the same rate as non-smokers.

And these are just the physical effects.

The psychological, emotional, social and economic benefits of not smoking are just as significant.  You will feel better physically, you will feel more confident in your abilities, more in control, your friends and family will support you and you will be saving money.

Isn’t it time for you to stop smoking?

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