About Us

Joseph Agovino, BA, MSW, MPS, Ph.D.

Dr. Agovino was first introduced to Hypnotherapy over 45 years ago when he chose hypnosis to stop smoking.  

As a professional therapist with a Master’s Degree in Social Work and a Ph.D. in Psychology and over 40 years in this field, Dr. Agovino was formerly with the Nassau Pain and Stress Center and the National Center for Hypnosis.   He specialized in behavioral cognitive therapy and helped hundreds of people stop smoking, lose weight and change behaviors to lead healthier lives.  Dr. Agovino authored his doctoral dissertation on the use of Hypnosis for smoking cessation and weight loss.

After retiring from private practice, people have asked him for help overcoming their challenges and achieve positive results. So he developed this web based download program to make this service available to a larger population. His hope is for a broader audience to take advantage of this opportunity to overcome challenges and accomplish goals.

Kathryn Lawler, RNC, BSN, MSN, MA, PH.D.

Mission Statement:  “I am a seeker and sharer of wisdom and knowledge”

Dr. Kathryn Lawler successfully quit her 2 pack a day smoking habit 35 years ago with hypnosis and was convinced of its efficacy.  Her experience a Registered Nurse combined with her interest in human behavior and psychology enable her to combine the physical and psychological aspects associated with problems amenable to hypnotherapy.  

In her private practice Dr. Lawler specializes in phobia and panic disorders as well as smoking, weight, pain management and stress management.  In addition to her degrees in Nursing and Psychology, she studied hypnosis at the New York Institute of Hypnosis.  In her personal experience she has had surgery under hypnosis and used hypnosis to manage pain after joint replacement surgeries.  

As Chairman of the Long Island Heart Council, Stress Management, she conducted hundreds of workshops on stress management utilizing relaxation techniques.  Her long nursing career included clinical nursing, administration and education and she credits hypnosis in assisting her in all aspects of her professional and personal life.  

Committed to her philosophy of helping people help themselves, Dr. Lawler believes that more people can be reached and helped utilizing this on-line concept  of hypnosis downloads in today’s era of technology and social media.