Stress Management Tools in Addition to Hypnosis:


Stress Management Tools

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Stress Management tools in addition to Hypnosis.    Hypnosis is a tool that can help you recognize those things (stressors) causing you stress and either avoid these things or manage them or choose how you react to these stressors.  We cannot rid ourselves of all the stress, some stressors are necessary for survival or beyond our ability to just eliminate them, nor do we want to.  Work, family and money are considered by most as commonly identified stressors.  We generally don’t want to get rid of these, we want to manage them better or manage our reactions better.  Hypnosis works on the subconscious mind to reinforce what our conscious mind wants.  But the conscious decisions must be realistic and acceptable.  Once we have identified our stressors and what we want to do about them, then we can combine Hypnosis with the suggested tools below.  The conscious and subconscious working together is a powerful force for us to change and maintain the new feelings we get when we feel in control of our stress.

Suggested stress management tools in addition to hypnosis:

  1. Get the sleep your body needs
  2. Eat healthily
  3. Avoid alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, caffeine and excessive sugar
  4. Plan your day/week.
  5. Prioritize
  6. Don’t overload yourself
  7. Don’t procrastinate
  8. Think positively
  9. Know what you can and cannot change
  10. Put your energy into the things you can change
  11. View change as a challenge, rather than a disaster
  12. Identify persons, places and situations which cause you stress
  13. Be creative and think of new ways to respond to them
  14. Don’t hold grudges
  15. Deal with the problem and let it go.
  16. Enjoy your family and friends
  17. Live in the present
  18. Pamper yourself
  19. Ask for help
  20. Share your feelings
  21. Cultivate a sense of humor
  22. Try not to take yourself and situations too seriously.
  23. Keep perspective
  24. Do something just for fun.
  25. Rely on your spirituality.